About ASBA


The integration of Dentistry and Medicine to treat Sleep Disorders. The mission of the Academy is to strengthen the Sleep Health Profession by forming a dental and medical multi-disciplinary approach to sleep medicine and overall sleep health.


The ASBA provides networking opportunities with other members, organizations and political entities, lobbying for improved reimbursements while seeking to lower ever escalating health care provider costs. We offer discounts on educational events and products, as well as accreditations for its members. This organization will help members more affordably lead the way to a new paradigm in sleep medicine with the end goal to improve patient care through education for sleep professionals, sleep centers, patients and the community at large.

Organizers of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy also founded the annual Sleep & Wellness Conference.  Educational events for ASBA Members are funded in part by partnership with these organizations. Proceeds from those organizations and educational events are used towards the mission of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, and its members.

Concierge Academy

The ASBA is a little more like a concierge Academy. More directly accessible and responsive to members needs. Our focus is to make dentists in sleep medicine more successful.

Practice Management

The Academy’s focus is “practice management” for the dentist, who needs practical integration for their patients, while still working with the medical field to supports them.


American Sleep and Breathing Academy
American Sleep and Breathing Academy
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The American Sleep and Breathing Academy is a not for profit 501(c)(6) trade organization (application pending approval). The mission of this organization is to strengthen the sleep health profession by forming a multi-disciplinary approach to sleep medicine and overall sleep health.  The association strives to improve professional networking within the field by expanding the scope of involvement to any healthcare professional or administrator involved in sleep health.